Formed in 2016, Alabaster is a Central Coast cannabis brand.  It has taken us years to make sure we are living up to the promise we made ourselves when we embarked on our mission to create the purest flower with every available option to minimize our environmental footprint.   

In addition to our state of the art environmentally controlled technology, our facility is about to be the  first LEED certified cannabis greenhouse in North America.  It is just one of many accreditations we take immense satisfaction in.  From organic-adjacent to GAP, our certifications embody the best of what California cannabis has to offer and is what makes our company the standard bearer in the industry.  

Lots of cultivators make the claim of having a pure product and being environmentally friendly. Very few can prove what we can. Our attention to quality, purity and stewardship is unrivaled. In preparation for 2020 production, we are partnering with value-aligned distribution companies who share the same dedication and passion for providing great cannabis.  If you see an aspect of your company in our story, we are excited to share this journey with you and to continue the mission to heal, one flower at a time.  

So why join our mission? Alabaster doesn’t aim to meet someone else’s standard. Alabaster is the standard. Because you really care about what you put in your body; because you have true concern for environmental care, Alabaster is your brand.